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Special Collection for Fresh Water for Flint, MI

We're partnering with City on a Hill Church, another 2nd gen Hmong church in Warren, Michigan, to raise money for fresh drinking water for the residents of Flint, MI. This is a region that has been plagued with contaminated water for the past two years.

During service on Sunday, March 20, we will take a special collection of money to donate to the Eastern Michigan Food Bank, located in the city of Flint. As part of our commitment to this cause, the church will match any money collected that day. So, bring some extra cash, empty out your change jar, and let's bless some people in Jesus' name.

Special thanks to Pastors Toua Thao and Joe Kue and the congregation of City on a Hill Church ( for their love for their community and desire to bless them with clean, safe drinking water. We, at RiverLife, stand in solidarity with you to obey God's command to care for those in need.