Matching Grant Fundraiser: Double Your Awesomeness!

With our new church comes a lot of renovation work, which we started on January 2. Through the help of the RiverLife family, we’ve already cleaned, organized, stripped wallpaper, sanded down drywall, and even taken down a couple walls. (Big thank you to everyone who came to help out!)

However, there’s still a lot of work to be done before we start services in February. We want to transform the space to be reflective of who we are as RiverLife. And YOU can be huge part of making this happen

Would you consider making a financial gift to the church to help us cover the initial renovation costs? For example, we will need to repaint over 13,000 square feet of walls.  That’s almost 40 gallons of paint!  Or we need to buy drywalling supplies to fix up the new larger children’s ministry classrooms. Your financial gifts will help turn these projects into realities.

Now is where it gets good. Several donors who have stepped up and pledged to give a matching grant to raise funds to carry out the urgent work we have to do in January. We encourage everyone to help us take advantage of this matching grant opportunity. 


Please give today and our generous donors will match you dollar-for-dollar, up to $2,500. That means we'll have $5,000 to kick off renovations on the new building. Every person counts! Every dollar counts!

Double your awesomeness and give to RiverLife’s New Building Projects Fund today.