All the Mold Has Been Cleaned Up at the New Building

One of the big structural issues facing the building is mold damage in the lower level. The inspectors found mold in four areas: the large kid's ministry area, the youth room, a utility room, and underneath one of the stairwells. But thankfully, a professional cleaning crew was able to remove the mold from all of the areas. The building to completely safe for everyone to use.

Unfortunately the clean-up process has left us with some rather large holes in our walls, which we will have to leave there until Spring. The mold was originally caused by poor drainage on the exterior of the building. So, to fix the mold we have to fix the exterior issues first. Since we won't be able to do that until Spring, we've decided to leave the walls exposed until then, just in case we have to do more drying and mold cleaning from the snow melt and spring rains. 

In the meantime, we'll use our trusty curtains to cover up the areas in order to minimize their impact on church.